oneone3: Know your staff. Know your business. Know your customer.

Business Services Unit

“The purpose of Business, Staff and Customer Relationships is to build better results!”

Oneone3 business services unit introduces a process within the workplace producing productivity and profitability through measurable recognition and reward.

Oneone3's primary purpose is to construct, maintain and fulfill measurable reward programs by directing staff and associated companies in efficient ways and in turn increase company productivity. Relationships add Business value. We all recognise the benefits of building relationships with existing customers as a fundamental component of the marketing mix.

Relationship Marketing is a business strategy that provides additional insight to your own marketing mix. Oneone3 will introduce your brand and extend it through the interaction of your staff to channel suppliers and ultimately your customers. Your company will become instantly recognised and respected for it’s solid integrated marketing and communications approach.

The question Oneone3 asks is - “How can we add benefit to the relationships already formed”? This is a question containing further questions there is never a standard approach.

A solid well thought out Relationship Marketing program will increase brand awareness, education, exposure and most importantly increase sales.

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