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Branding with promotional products – how to make it work for you

Promotional products have come to the fore in recent years as organisations search for ways to cut through to the market and establish their brands. A well-chosen or well developed promotional product can offer a multi-sensory experience that will enhance the value of any company. Promotional products have become a sales tool in the same way as direct marketing and advertising.

In our virtual world more and more we are seeing less personal contact with the consumers and business partners we do business with – promotional product is a tangible way of keeping your branding message visible.

How can promotional product be used:

  • To increase sales
  • To reward or acknowledge
  • To get information
  • To educate or motivate to action
  • To invite in a unique way

Promotional Product as Direct Mail or Sales Promotional Tools
With the ability to individually code promotional product pieces, branded items are a brilliant vehicle to run a sales promotion.

Example – Give away branded items at events/locations with a scratch to reveal on the item, or enter a code from the item into an internet site/SMS code to go into the draw to win etc.

Promotional Product as Gift with Purchase
Assist sales of product with a value add. Align a promotional product to your product.

Example – Branded beer mug with each carton of beer sold, cosmetic companies have been giving away cosmetic bags/brushes etc. with product purchase. In a crowded market, it’s not what you buy it’s what you get with it!!

Promotional Product as Brand Awareness and support Corporate Sponsorship
Align branded product to your brand value as a loyalty gift to staff, channel partners and clients.

To support sponsorship events

  • Give away branded product to attendees

To support product launches

  • Create awareness

As you know modern consumers are now wealthier, more discerning and better educated than ever before and recognise quality. In your selection of product - remember your logo represents your brand, aligning your company values with the correct product is important.

Although you should remember the true power of promotional products is not the product, it’s the response elicited by the correct delivery of that product in a properly constructed promotional product campaign.

Always allow enough time to properly plan out your promotional product activity as you would with any other marketing investment– leaving it to the last minute only leads to compromise.

As an APPA (Australian Promotional Product Association) member Oneone3 are well equipped to assist you with your promotional product selection and complete campaign management.