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Creative use of promotional products

 Creative use of promotional product adds to the impact, when using promotional product take time to search for a product which will complement your brand and add value to the recipient. A well thought through program with a product which adds value is the goal. Remember once your company’s logo is applied to a product it represents your brand…so the right product selection is your biggest challenge. Time must be taken on the brief to end up with the right product. Below is an example of how we have used promotional product for our brand.

The product used

  • Water powered green calculator – branded with Oneone3 logo …it all adds up
  • Oneone3 branded 350ml water bottles
  • Customised ribbon and greeting card
  • Packaged with wood wool and presented in recyclable box

Our target market were current and potential clients, the product was delivered to them at their work addresses and was aimed to gain some valuable desk real estate.

The tone and manner of the project was intended to be cheeky with a serious undertone theme of environmental sustainability.

What is the strategy for using Promotional Product and how did it marry to the brand?

Using a calculator played up on the company name 1 + 1= 3 and demonstrated the topical use of the environmental friendly product available.

The program took place at Christmas with the purpose to thank clients for their on-going business. As most of the product was hand delivered this provided an opportunity for another touch point with decision makers.

As a result we received many enquiries regarding using the green calculator and other green products.