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Ever dreamt of shooting with an arrow through an apple on your colleagues head – or would like to test your accuracy skills with a bow and arrow?

This is your chance – at least to shoot a bow and arrow in a professional archery complex – the one used in the Olympics. Under the close guidance of two experts you will learn the basics of archery.

How the program works is the first 10 minutes is for set up and safety then we commence shooting and once the group comes to terms with the concept of shooting, scoring can start, people can compete as individuals and be divided into teams this is entirely up to you. The scoring consists of a 36 arrows shot and scored by the archers and they are tallied up at the conclusion of the day. Prizes or awards can be given out. 
Another fun activity is a knock out, a target is divided into 5 colours white being the outer ring then black then blue then red then gold, gold being the centre, the idea of the knock out is each archer shoots an arrow if the arrow misses the target on the first arrow they are knocked out, if they hit the target then they progress to the next stage, the next stage is another arrow shot but this arrow needs to be in side the black or better scoring zone if this does land inside the black or better zone then they are knocked out again. This is also done for the blue and the red. The archers that are left in have 2 arrows left to shoot, they then shot these arrows and they are scored, the highest score wins the knockout. This event is dependent on time.

A framed arrow in your companies colours can also be arranged and have a plaque engraved to describe their achievements.