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Event Description

Paintball is a unique game of tag and hide and seek in the bush or on man made fields and is played on both a social and serious level by a large number of people around the world.


Paintball is a great training tool for staff and provides an innovative way to relieve stress as well as being an exciting and dynamic method to build on teamwork skills in a challenging, fun atmosphere.


Two teams are equipped with paintball markers. These are basically low powered air-markers that fire small capsules of paint. At each end of the playing field (which can be a large variety of terrain) is a flag.


The objectives of the games vary, the most common game format is to protect your flag while attempting to take your opponents flag. To stop you from doing this, your opponents are firing their paintball markers at you.


If you are hit you must stop what you are doing and, depending on the rules of the day, either return to your home-base, leave the field temporarily, or until the next game. At the end of the game, the team that has captured the opposing team flags is victorious.


Paintball Pete's facility can be utilised for many different functions. Instead of having to pay for that boring conference venue, the outdoor atmosphere at Paintball Pete's makes it truly a memorable day.



Mt White, near Newcastle



Minimum of 20 people


Event Length

Half or full day event



Transfers by bus, lunch and refreshments and all equipment



Overnight stay and dinner at the Hunter Valley or Terrigal following paintball with optional meeting, horseriding or golf the following day.


For a truly memorable experience, transfer the group by helicopter from Sydney airport and follow your game with another helicopter ride to the beautiful Bimbadgen Winery for lunch and overnight stay in the Hunter Valley.