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Event Description

The Pirate on Sydney Harbour Experience is a fun-filled and decadent adventure which starts with participants setting out for what they believe will be a leisurely sail on Sydney Harbour when the group is ambushed by a pack of very entertaining pirates, and concludes with an indulgent three course feast.


Armed with treasure maps, eye patches and highly qualified skippers, teams race around Sydney Harbour deciphering clues, enjoying onboard refreshments and collaborating as a team to uncover Blackbeard’s treasure….and the race begins. The adventure continues when the clues lead them to the Hotel Drawing Room for pre dinner drinks, where to the group’s surprise, they learn that they will be spending the night at the elegant hotel to rest their weary heads and shaky sea-legs.


Guests are invited to rest their sea legs and freshen up in the plush surroundings of their room before returning to indulge in a three course pirate feast, following by a nightcap in the Globe Bar.



The Observatory Hotel and Sydney Harbour



20-50 guests

Event Length

Afternoon and evening



Treasure hunt sail around Sydney Harbour with refreshments, transfers to the hotel, pre dinner drinks and themed 3 course meal, entertainment, overnight accommodation in luxury accommodation and breakfast.