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Event Description

More and more companies are beating a path to a unique hub in Sydney whenever there’s an opportunity to do something different or defy routine. Here they surrender to artescape, one of the best tools for injecting imagination and inspiration into a team.


The art experience is a two hour event creating spontaneous art with paints and an unusual array of applicators, anything but the conventional paint brush. It is an extraordinary transformational experience that underscores the value of self-discovery, risk taking and change for innovative companies. The art experience uplifts, inspires shifts perspectives – if that isn’t good for business, what is?



St Leonards



Minimum of 10 people, maximum 29 per session ( for larger numbers two groups can alternate with another activity using the Offsite Creative Space located at the venue)


Event Length

Half day event including transfers



Return transfers, overall suits, boots, goggles and canvases and post event lunch or drinks and canapes



  • For larger groups a mobile artescape session can be arranged inclusive of marquee hire and catering
  • Combine your team building event with a meeting or brainstorming session utilising the unique and inspiring environment of the Offsite Creative Space