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Event Description

Learn to fly! Step outside your comfort zone and fly 10 metres above the grounds of Sydney Olympic Park.


A flying trapeze experience is a great corporate team building exercise. Workshops are all about fun and participation, while facilitating team spirit, learning to trust, let go and encourage colleagues.


General workshops are 90 minutes, but can be varied depending on your team size and interests. Partcipants will not only fly through the air with the greatest of ease, but hang upside down, flip and even attempt a catch up on the flying trapeze. All beginners are harnessed on at all times and fly over a safety net.


Workshops can be tailored to groups of any size and set up in any of the many venues available at Sydney Olympic Park at a time that best suits your group.


Sydney Olympic Park



Minimum of 8, maximum of 80 people



Event Length

Half day event including transfers or full day if incorporating with meetings



Transfers to venue and lunch



  • Juggling instruction and a flying trapeze show can also be arranged
  • This is a great activity to incorporate with an offsite meeting or conference