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Oneone3 20 point Promotional Product Success List

1. What is your strategy for using promotional product?  
2. How are you looking for a product to marry to your brand?  
3. Is this a one off campaign?  
4. Is there a theme/idea you want to incorporate?  
5. Who is your audience?  
6. Where will they see it?
  • Work
  • Home
  • Event
  • Other
7. How will they use it?  
8. How do you want to project your brand what sort of tone/manner?
  • Fun
  • Serious
  • Functional
  • Professional
9. What have you used in the past and has it been successful?  
10. How will you measure the success of this campaign?  
11. Units
  • How many units do you require?
  • What is you budget per item/project budget?
12. What are your corporate colours?  
13. Do you have restrictions on how you use your logo?  
14. Do you have artwork ready to use?
  • Is it in the appropriate format?
  • Do you need artwork prepared?
15. How many colours?
  • Single
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
16. How would you like to brand the product?
  • Embroidery
  • Pad Print
  • Screen Print
  • Laser engrave
17. How many positions would you like branding and where?  
18. How is the item to be presented?
  • Bulk packed
  • Individually packed/boxed
  • Polly bagged
  • Other
19. When is the product required for?  
20. Product delivery?
  • Central location
  • To individuals.
  • Is there any delivery time restrictions?